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Formal Documentation

The Federal Communications Commission recently sent two letters indicating that the celebrations regarding Nematon I receiving an official ship station license were premature (the letters will be posted shortly).  The license has been withdrawn until further data can be provided.

In response to the FCC’s requests for additional information, the enclosed report was prepared.  It includes some of the Sketchup drawings mentioned in the last post, reference listings of the sources of various components, plus an extended (amateur) analysis of the regulatory status of watercraft like Nematon I.



Getting Serious About Mk III Design

Due to a documentation requirement (which will be explained in the next post), some detailed drawings of Nematon I had to be generated in a hurry.

Using Sketchup and its associated Engineering Toolbox, a pretty detailed drawing in 3D was created.  A couple of images are shown below.  Some work is underway to embed a 3D image in this site for viewing, but until that’s done, these will have to do.

Note the exploded XBee antenna, courtesy of ERobishaw on 3D Warehouse.


Nematon I Front View
Nematon I Front View
Nematon I Left View


The Name, Explained

As promised, here is an explanation for the Nematon I‘s unusual name.  It’s a portmanteau of “nematode” and “automaton”.

Why the change?  Poolbot Mk III was increasingly inaccurate.  The shape of Poolb… Nematon I is still based on tubes and, though an automaton,  is about as sophisticated as a roundworm.