Voyage to the Bottom of the Pool

Today saw not one, not two, but three successful test runs (out of five attempts) for Poolbot to operate at the surface and dive.  The two other runs are deemed less than successful simply because Poolbot didn’t actually dive.

Key learning:

  • Buoyancy adjustment is absolutely critical.  The three successful runs occurred only because Poolbot was nearly perfectly weighted with four (4) batteries, four (4) external pounds of lead weight and two (2) pounds, 5.7 ounces of internal weight.  The floats provide stability and just barely break the surface when everything is ideally weighted.
  • The composite cork solution needs sealing, but is working nearly perfectly.  The final three tests were conducted without any attempt to drain Poolbot.
  • Motor repairs are holding up well, though some speed calibration is needed.
  • Code for the test program will be posted separately.

Because “video, or it didn’t happen”, the first two videos were shot using a fixed tripod, so operations far away from the camera are hard to see.  The third video was shot hand-held, which makes maneuvering harder to perceive, but diving and surfacing easier to see.

(due to file sizes, the videos may take a moment to load)

(link to MP4 of Test #4)

(link to MP4 of Test #5)

(link to MP4 of Test #6)

Post-mission lurking

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