Cross-section of Changes

The cross-section of the carrier should look similar to the diagram below.  Note that the critical dimensions are:

  • the distance from the underside of the main hull to the waterline: this prevents Poolbot from dragging in the water
  • the width between the pontoons at the water line: this ensures enough room for Poolbot and the “lifting claw”
  • the main hull’s height must be sufficient to allow for batteries and control electronics
  • the width of the main hull should be sufficient for another solar panel

The actual length of the carrier will be somewhat less, scaled, then its experimental Navy cousin, making It squarish when in the water.

The chief problems now:

  • the lifting claw – how to get Poolbot out of the water and how to maneuver the two in close enough proximity to make this happen reliably
  • how to charge Poolbot without physical, wired connections
  • how to perform data exchange with Poolbot without physical, wired connections
SWATH cross-section
Carrier SWATH cross-section


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