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State of the Machine

After some non-robot delays (got to pay the bills), intellectual work resumes.  Here is a top-level state machine for Nematon, showing the various modes of operation.  Driving around occurs during “Surface” mode, while diving operations happen during “Dive” mode.  “Remote” mode is intended for real-time control, akin to an RC car or airplane.

More software planning updates to come…

PDF Version:  nematon-state-machine-july2015

State Machine
State Machine Diagram


The Name, Explained

As promised, here is an explanation for the Nematon I‘s unusual name.  It’s a portmanteau of “nematode” and “automaton”.

Why the change?  Poolbot Mk III was increasingly inaccurate.  The shape of Poolb… Nematon I is still based on tubes and, though an automaton,  is about as sophisticated as a roundworm.